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Home Improvements, Maintenance & Emergency Repairs.

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And, from the moment you make contact with us you will be treated with the utmost courtesy, friendliness and professionalism.

Once you have accepted an estimate and engaged our services, you will be given a unique job reference number. This allows us to track all relevant information regarding the project on our system software. This includes all written communication and detail about the job, including the costs for time, materials and the exact details of the project you have engaged us to carry out for you. The majority of work we provide for customers is from returning customers and referrals by existing customers, which we are very proud of. It shows we have a great reputation for quality and service. As a potential new customer, please expect to receive the same. Large projects will be managed effectively by our management team and you will receive regular updates. If you have any queries whatsoever, there will be a member of the Foresite team available, to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

For your reassurance all Foresite tradespeople and engineers have been checked and approved with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). All are issued with an ID card that they will present to you on arrival at your home, which states their name and has a passport style photograph. All engineers and tradespeople are fully qualified and experienced in their specific trade. Foresite employees are issued with various items of corporate clothing , which will be worn depending on the project and the weather. They will be clean and presentable at all times. For security purposes any access keys will be kept safe and secure.

Our own vehicles are branded and will always be clean when parked at, or near your property. On the occasion that a project may require extra manpower, or the services of a Foresite approved sub-contractor, vehicles and clothing may not be branded, but the personnel engaged by us will have been issued with a Foresite ID card, for you to check. All Foresite tradespeople have had their driving records checked with DVLA, are fully insured and covered by the company’s public liability insurance, inline with all statutory regulations.

All Foresite work is overseen by our own supervisors and managers. On larger projects they will visit your property regularly, to ensure that the standard and quality of all work is, and has, been carried out to our usual high standards. All work is covered by a 12 month guarantee, but in the event that a product or appliance we have fitted or installed develops a fault, we may need to refer to the manufacturer’s or supplier’s guarantee.

We operate a transparent charging system for smaller jobs and call outs. Where larger projects are concerned, we will submit an estimate of costs for time and materials. Some projects may require extra materials to complete a job, but we will always advise and provide you with an updated estimate prior to purchasing. Our call out and daily rates are shown on this website.

A VAT invoice will issued for every project we undertake. The invoice will be clear and concise. We aim to charge correctly for any work we carry out. These charges will be based on the rates quoted in our rate card or on any estimate you will have received. As we have stated above, the majority of the work we carry out is from returning customers and referrals from these customers, which goes to prove we are competitive. We continuously check our rates against other well known companies of high stature, to ensure we remain completive. If you ever think that you have been overcharged or there’s a mistake on an invoice you receive from Foresite, we’d like you to contact us immediately. Any time spent on any project and the specific materials required to complete your project, can be checked against our high specification IT system. Every part of your job will have been logged and in the unfortunate event a discrepancy is identified, you will receive a refund for the overcharge.

All customers’ details are kept strictly private, they will not be shared, sold or passed on to a third party. All other information is dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you would like to know more about Foresite, our policies and our people, or require any other information, please contact our head office on 0800 410 1644.

Foresite promise NOT to…

… overcharge customers under any circumstances.

… carry out any unnecessary work.

… engage in any work that is not required.

… charge for any wasted or unnecessary time.

… charge for excessive time spent collecting materials, unless agreed with a customer first.

… add excessive mark-ups on materials required.

… charge for excessive time spent away from a job.

… charge for comfort and lunch breaks.

Foresite promise to…

… only charge for actual time spent on a particular job.

… ensure that our estimated work is costed accordingly.

… ensure that a full day is worked when working on a fixed day rate.

… ensure that the cost of any fixed price work is charged for accordingly.

… ensure that we present an invoice showing the exact amount of labour time.

… ensure that we present an invoice showing the full list of materials used.